Writer Formats



Return a generator of all writer formats.

You may list available Writers using:

>>> from canlib import kvlclib
>>> for format in kvlclib.writer_formats():
...     print(format)
CSV (.csv): Writer, CAN frames in CSV format
CSV_SIGNAL (.csv): Writer, Selected signals in CSV format
XCP (.csv): Writer, CCP/XCP calibration in CSV format
MATLAB (.mat): Writer, Selected signals in Matlab format for ATI Vision
KME24 (.kme): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.4) - used for Vector CANalyzer
KME25 (.kme25): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.5)
KME40 (.kme40): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 4.0)
KME50 (.kme50): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 5.0)
PLAIN_ASC (.txt): Writer, CAN frames in plain text format

New in version 1.7.


class canlib.kvlclib.WriterFormat(id_)[source]

Helper class that encapsulates a Writer.

You may use writer_formats() to list available Writers.

Changed in version 1.19: Updated formating in __str__.

classmethod getFirstWriterFormat()

Get the first supported output format.

classmethod getNextWriterFormat()

Get the next supported output format.


Get default value for property.


Check if specified write property is supported.

Retuns True if the property is supported by output format.


wr_property (Property) – Writer property