Release Notes

This is the release notes for the pycanlib module.


New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.26.487 (22-MAY-2024)

  • Added new enums to canlib.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.25.393 (18-FEB-2024)

  • Minor changes.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.24.935 (13-SEP-2023)

  • Minor changes.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.23.804 (05-MAY-2023)

  • canlib:

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.22.565 (08-SEP-2022)

  • canlib:

    • Added support for object buffers canlib.objbuf.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.21.463 (29-MAY-2022)

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.20.360 (15-FEB-2022)

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.19.205 (13-SEP-2021)

  • General:

    • Updated docstrings, mainly of lower level classes.

    • Modernized code, mainly conversions to f-strings.

  • canlib.dllLoader:

    • Setting the environment variable READTHEDOCS == True inhibits loading of shared libraries. Used e.g. when building documentation on ReadTheDocs.

  • canlib.kvamemolibxml:

  • canlib.kvrlib:

    • Minor readability updates for kvrDeviceInfo.__str__

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.18.846 (25-MAY-2021)

  • canlib.canlib:

  • canlib.kvadblib:

    • Default value of EnumAttribute is now returned as int

    • Added wrapper for kvaDbGetMsgByPGNEx

  • canlib.kvlclib:

    • Added wrapper for kvlcFeedLogEvent

  • Added canlib.j1939 module for some j1939 helpers.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.17.748 (16-FEB-2021)

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.16.588 (09-SEP-2020)

  • canlib.canlib:

  • canlib.kvadblib:

    • Corrected interpret when looking for CAN messages with extended id.

    • Updated get_message so that it requires EXT (bit 31) to be set on id if using extended id:s.

    • Added a new argument flags to get_message_by_id. If using messages with extended id:s, EXT should be set on flags.

  • canlib.kvlclib:

    • The file_format parameter in canlib.kvlclib.Converter.setInputFile now accepts ReaderFormat as well.

    • Added a newer version of the BLF format, now also with CAN FD support ‘canlib.kvlclib.FileFormat.VECTOR_BLF_FD’. The format has both read and write capabilities.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.15.483 (27-MAY-2020)

  • Dropped support for v2.7, v3.4 and v3.5, added v3.7 and v3.8.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.14.428 (02-APR-2020)

  • Minor changes.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.13.390 (24-FEB-2020)

  • canlib.canlib:

    • Added HandleData to wrap canGetHandleData. Also added channel_data as a helper function.

    • IOControl now returns utf-8 decoded strings instead of “bytes in string”.

    • Fixed a bug where isconnected would return False if the channel_number attribute was larger than the total number of available CANlib channels, regardles of if the device was connected or not.

  • canlib:

    • Corrected Frame comparison (!=) with other types, e.g. None

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.12.251 (08-OCT-2019)

  • Minor changes.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.11.226 (13-SEP-2019)

  • canlib.canlib:

    • Added a slight delay in get_bus_statistics because the underlying functions in CANlib are asynchronous.

    • Added read_error_counters and iocontrol clear_error_counters.

    • Added getBusOutputControl.

    • Added fileDiskFormat that formats the disk in a remote device, i.e Kvaser DIN Rail.

  • canlib.BoundSignal.value:

    • If the signal is an enum-signal, and the signal’s value is not found in the enum definition, the raw value is now returned.

  • canlib.kvmlib:

    • Marked using kvmlib class as deprecated (was deprecated in v1.6)

    • Replaced estimate_events with Kme.event_count_estimation in order to have same name as LogFile.event_count_estimation. Old function name is now deprecated.

    • When found, new 64 bit version of the dll call, kvmLogFileMountEx, kvlcEventCountEx, and kvmKmeCountEventsEx (added in CANlib v5.29), is now used.

    • Added log_type for supporting the different log types generated by Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2.

  • canlib.kvadblib:

    • Dbc raises KvdDbFileParse if the dbc file loaded contains syntax errors.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.10.102 (12-MAY-2019)

  • Reference documentation has been restructured.

  • Channel:

    • Added support for slicing environment variables declared as char. Replaced low level function scriptEnvvarSetData with script_envvar_set_data and added DataEnvVar which is now returned when a char envvar is returned.

  • canlib.kvadblib:

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.9.909 (03-MAR-2019)

  • canlib.kvadblib:

    • Error texts are now fetched from the dll using kvaDbGetErrorText().

  • canlib.kvlclib:

    • Added support for DLC mismatch handling included in CANlib v5.27

  • canlib.kvDevice:

    • The canlib.kvDevice.kvDevice class is now deprecated, use canlib.Device instead

  • canlib.Device:

    • Added method Device.issubset as a helper to find loosely specified devices.

  • canlib.canlib.iopin:

    • Added attributes fw_version and serial to IoPin. To read these attributes, CANlib v5.27 is needed.

    • AddonModule is a new class, holding attributes of one add-on module.

    • Config.modules is now an attribute, calculated at creation time and containing an ordered list of AddonModule objects. The old functionality has been moved to Config._modules

    • Config.issubset is a new method to identify if a configuration contains the expected add-on modules.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.8.812 (26-NOV-2018)

  • canlib.canlib:

    • Fixed issue were Channel.handle attribute would not be initialized when opening of the channel failed.

    • Added experimental support for accessing IO-pins on sub modules of the Kvaser DIN Rail SE 400S that was added to CANlib v5.26. This includes a new module canlib.canlib.iopin.

  • canlib.kvadblib:

    • Fixed issue with signals were multiplexing mode, and scaling (factor and offset) returned wrong values from a loaded .dbc file.

    • Added show_all argument to Dbc.messages. Dbc.__iter__ now set show_all to False in order to skip VECTOR__INDEPENDENT_SIG_MSG messages.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.7.741 (16-SEP-2018)

  • canlib.kvmlib:

    • Added canlib.kvmlib.event_count_estimation

    • Added canlib.kvmlib.kme Previous kvmlib.kmeXXX functions are now deprecated.

  • canlib.canlib:

  • canlib.kvlclib:

    • Added API to access information about reader formats.

    • Added kvlclib.Property to replace old PROPERTY_XXX constants which are now deprecated.

    • Added kvlclib.reader_formats and kvlclib.writer_formats to replace now deprecated kvlclib.WriterFormat.getFirstWriterFormat and kvlclib.WriterFormat.getNextWriterFormat.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.6.615 (13-MAY-2018)

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.5.525 (12-FEB-2018)

  • Updated for CANlib SDK v5.22.

  • Added support for LIN bus API (LINlib)

  • Added support for Database API (kvaDbLib) Needs version v5.22 of CANlib SDK to get supported dll.

Restructuring of code in order to make the API simpler and the code base more maintainable have resulted in the following changes (old style is deprecated, shown in details while running Python with the -Wd argument):

  • canlib.kvMessage has been renamed canlib.Frame

    • canlib.Frame objects are now accepted and returned when writing and reading channels.

    • The new canlib.kvadblib module uses these canlib.Frame objects heavily.

  • canlib.canlib:

    • Added wrapper functions for canReadStatus and canRequestChipStatus

    • Deprecated use of canlib.canlib.canlib() objects; all methods have been moved to the module.

      • See the docstring of canlib.canlib.CANLib for more information

    • Simplified the names of the channel-classes (old names are deprecated):

      • The channel class is now canlib.canlib.Channel, instead of canlib.canChannel.

      • canlib.canlib.ChannelData_Channel_Flags is now canlib.canlib.ChannelFlags

      • canlib.canlib.ChannelData_Channel_Flags_bits is now canlib.canlib.ChannelFlagBits

    • canlib.canlib.Channel now uses canlib.Frame objects for reading and writing.

      • now returns a canlib.Frame object instead of a tuple. However, canlib.Frame objects are largely compatible with tuples.

      • canlib.Channel.write takes a single argument, a canlib.Frame object. The previous call signature has been taken over by canlib.Channel.write_raw.

      • Likewise for canlib.Channel.writeWait and its new friend canlib.Channel.writeWait_raw.

    • The class canlib.canlib.canVersion has been removed, and canlib.canlib.getVersion now returns a canlib.VersionNumber. The new class still supports conversion to string and accessing .major and .minor attributes.

  • canlib.kvmlib:

  • canlib.kvlclib:

    • Added method canlib.kvlclib.addDatabaseFile and helper object canlib.kvlclib.ChannelMask.

    • The canlib.kvlclib.KvlcLib object has been deprecated.

      • All functions that relate to converters have been moved to the more appropriately named canlib.kvlclib.Converter.

        • Some of these functions have been renamed:

          • IsOutputFilenameNew, IsOverrunActive, and IsDataTruncated have all had their initial “i” lower-cased, as the upper case “I” was an error.

          • getPropertyDefault and isPropertySupported are no longer available on the Converter object, they must be accessed via the format attribute:

      • canlib.kvlclib.WriterFormat.getFirstWriterFormat and canlib.kvlclib.WriterFormat.getNextWriterFormat now returns a kvlclib.FileFormat object (which is based on the IntEnum class).

      • Other functions have been moved to the canlib.kvlclib module.

      • deleteConverter is no longer supported. Instead, converters are automatically deleted when garbage collected. If their contents must be flushed to file, see the new canlib.kvlclib.Converter.flush method.

    • The class canlib.kvlclib.KvlcVersion has been removed, and canlib.kvmlib.kvlclib.getVersion now returns a canlib.VersionNumber. The new class still supports conversion to string and accessing .major, .minor, and .build attributes.

  • canlib.kvrlib:

    • The canlib.kvrlib.KvrLib object has been deprecated; all methods have been moved to the module.

    • canlib.kvrlib.getVersion no longer returns a canlib.kvrlib.kvrVersion but a canlib.VersionNumber. The return value still supports conversion to string and accessing .major and .minor attributes.

  • canlib.kvamemolibxml:

    • Renamed from canlib.KvaMemoLibXml, however trying to import the old name will just import the new one instead.

    • Deprecated the use of canlib.kvamemolibxml.KvaMemoLib objects, all methods have been moved to the canlib.kvamemolibxml module itself.

    • Breaking change: Moved values that were incorrectly defined as constants into enums. In most cases this should not have any impact, as all the values are internal error codes and are turned into Python exceptions. But if you nonetheless use the kvamemolibxml status values directly, you’ll need to change your code as follows:

      • KvaXmlStatusERR_XXX_XXX is now Error.XXX_XXX.

      • KvaXmlValidationStatusERR_XXX_XXX is now ValidationError.XXX_XXX

      • KvaXmlValidationStatusWARN is now ValidationWarning.XXX_XXX.

      • KvaXmlStatusFail is now Error.FAIL (Changed to be consistent with other KvaXmlStatus errors). The same is true for ValidationError.FAIL.

      • KvaXmlStatusOK and KvaXmlValidationStatusOK are still treated as if they are constants, as they are not error statuses.

    • canlib.kvamemolibxml.getVersion no longer returns a string but a canlib.VersionNumber. The return value still supports conversion to string.

  • Exceptions:

    • Exceptions throughout the package have been standardised, and now all inherit from canlib.exceptions.CanlibException.

    • The canERR attribute that some exceptions had has been deprecated in favour of a status attribute. Furthermore, all canlib exceptions now have this attribute; the status code that was returned from a C call that triggered the specific exception.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.4.373 (13-SEP-2017)

  • Minor changes.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.3.242 (05-MAY-2017)

  • Added missing unicode conversions for Python3.

  • Linux

    • Added support for new libraries (kvadblib, kvmlib, kvamemolibxml, kvlclib).

    • Added wrappers KvFileGetCount, kvFileGetName, kvFileCopyXxxx, kvDeviceSetMode, kvDeviceGetMode

  • canlib:

    • Added wrapper for kvFileDelete

    • Enhanced printout from canScriptFail errors.

    • Second file argument in fileCopyFromDevice and fileCopyToDevice is now optional.

    • OS now loads all dependency dll (also adding KVDLLPATH to PATH in Windows).

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.2.163 (15-FEB-2017)

  • Added wrapper function canlib.getChannelData_Cust_Name()

  • Added module canlib.kvlclib which is a wrapper for the Converter Library kvlclib in CANlib SDK.

  • Added wrapper function canChannel.flashLeds().

  • Added missing unicode conversions for Python3.

  • Fixed bug where CANlib SDK install directory was not always correctly detected in Windows 10.

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.1.23 (28-SEP-2016)

  • canSetAcceptanceFilter and kvReadTimer was not implemented in Linux

New Features and Fixed Problems in V1.0.10 (15-SEP-2016)

  • Initial module release.

  • Added kvmlib.kmeSCanFileType()

  • Added canChannel.canAccept() and canChannel.canSetAcceptanceFilter()