Reader Formats



Return a generator of all reader formats.

You may list available Readers using:

>>> from canlib import kvlclib
>>> for format in kvlclib.reader_formats():
...     print(format)
KME24 (.kme): Reader, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.4)
KME25 (.kme25): Reader, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.5)
KME40 (.kme40): Reader, Kvaser binary format (KME 4.0)
KME50 (.kme50): Reader, Kvaser binary format (KME 5.0)
MDF (.log): Reader, CAN frames in Vector Mdf
MDF_4X (.mf4): Reader, CAN frames in MDF v4.1 for Vector CANalyzer
PLAIN_ASC (.txt): Reader, CAN frames in plain text format
VECTOR_ASC (.asc): Reader, CAN frames in Vector ASCII format
VECTOR_BLF_FD (.blf): Reader, CAN frames in Vector BLF format
CSV (.csv): Reader, CAN frames in CSV format


CANlib before v5.37 incorrectly reported .mke as the file suffix for KME 2.4.

New in version 1.7.


class canlib.kvlclib.ReaderFormat(id_)[source]

Helper class that encapsulates a Reader.

You may use reader_formats() to list available Readers.

New in version 1.7.

Changed in version 1.19: Updated formating in __str__.


Get default value for property.


Check if specified read property is supported.

Retuns True if the property is supported by input format.


rd_property (Property) – Reader property