Source code for canlib.kvlclib.wrapper

import ctypes as ct

from .. import VersionNumber, deprecation, dllLoader
from .dll import KvlclibDll

_ct_dll = dllLoader.load_dll(win_name='kvlclib.dll', linux_name='')
dll = KvlclibDll(_ct_dll)

def getVersion():
    """Get the kvlclib version number as a `str`

    .. deprecated:: 1.5
       Use `dllversion` instead.

    return str(dllversion())

[docs]def dllversion(): """Get the kvlclib version number as a `canlib.VersionNumber`""" major = ct.c_int() minor = ct.c_int() build = ct.c_int() dll.kvlcGetVersion(ct.byref(major), ct.byref(minor), ct.byref(build)) version = VersionNumber(major.value, minor.value, build.value) return version