Source code for canlib.kvlclib.exceptions

import ctypes as ct

from ..exceptions import DllException
from .enums import Error

def kvlc_error(status):
    """Create and return an exception object corresponding to `status`"""
    if status == KvlcEndOfFile.status:
        return KvlcEndOfFile()
    elif status == KvlcNotImplemented.status:
        return KvlcNotImplemented()
    elif status == KvlcFileExists.status:
        return KvlcFileExists()
        return KvlcGeneralError(status)

[docs]class KvlcError(DllException): """Base class for exceptions raised by the kvlclib module. Looks up the error text in the kvlclib dll and presents it together with the error code and the wrapper function that triggered the exception. """ @staticmethod def _get_error_text(status): try: from .wrapper import dll msg = ct.create_string_buffer(b"Error description is missing.") dll.kvlcGetErrorText(status, msg, ct.sizeof(msg)) err_txt = msg.value.decode('utf-8') # The important thing is to give original error code. except Exception: err_txt = "Unknown error text" return err_txt + f' ({status})'
class KvlcGeneralError(KvlcError): """A kvlclib error that does not (yet) have its own Exception WARNING: Do not explicitly catch this error, instead catch `KvlcError`. Your error may at any point in the future get its own exception class, and so will no longer be of this type. The actual status code that raised any `KvlcError` can always be accessed through a `status` attribute. """ def __init__(self, status): self.status = status super().__init__()
[docs]class KvlcEndOfFile(KvlcError): """Exception used when kvlclib returns `Error.EOF`. Exception used when end of file is reached on input file. """ status = Error.EOF
[docs]class KvlcFileExists(KvlcError): """Exception used when kvlclib returns `Error.FILE_EXISTS`. File exists, set `Property.OVERWRITE` to overwrite .. versionadded:: 1.17 """ status = Error.FILE_EXISTS
[docs]class KvlcNotImplemented(KvlcError, NotImplementedError): """Exception used when kvlclib returns `Error.NOT_IMPLEMENTED`.""" status = Error.NOT_IMPLEMENTED