Source code for canlib.canlib.timedomain

import ctypes as ct
from . import wrapper
from .structures import kvTimeDomainData

dll = wrapper.dll

[docs]class TimeDomainData: """ Attributes: sync_groups (`int`): Number of MagiSync groups. synced_members (`int`): Number of MagiSynced channels. non_sync_cards (`int`): Number of MagiSync interfaces. non_synced_members (`int`): Number of non-MagiSynced channels. """ def __init__(self, sync_groups, synced_members, non_sync_cards, non_synced_members): self.sync_groups = sync_groups self.synced_members = synced_members self.non_sync_cards = non_sync_cards self.non_synced_members = non_synced_members def __str__(self): return f'sync_groups: {self.sync_groups}, synced_members: {self.synced_members}, non_sync_cards: {self.non_sync_cards}, non_synced_members: {self.non_synced_members}'
[docs]class TimeDomain: """ A time domain is a set of channels with a common time base. """ def __init__(self): self._domain = ct.c_void_p(None) dll.kvTimeDomainCreate(ct.byref(self._domain))
[docs] def close(self): """ Delete all members of the domain and then delete the domain itself. """ if not self._domain: return dll.kvTimeDomainDelete(self._domain)
[docs] def reset_time(self): """ Reset the time of all channels in the domain. """ if not self._domain: return dll.kvTimeDomainResetTime(self._domain)
[docs] def add_channel(self, channel): """ Add a channel to the domain. Args: channel (`~canlib.canlib.Channel`): Canlib channel """ if not self._domain: return dll.kvTimeDomainAddHandle(self._domain, channel.handle)
[docs] def remove_channel(self, channel): """ Remove a channel from the domain. Args: channel (`~canlib.canlib.Channel`): Canlib channel """ if not self._domain: return dll.kvTimeDomainRemoveHandle(self._domain, channel.handle)
[docs] def get_data(self): """ Get Time Domain data about channels and devices in the time domain. Returns: `~canlib.canlib.TimeDomainData` """ if not self._domain: return data = kvTimeDomainData() dll.kvTimeDomainGetData(self._domain, ct.byref(data), ct.sizeof(data)) return TimeDomainData( sync_groups=data.nMagiSyncGroups, synced_members = data.nMagiSyncedMembers, non_sync_cards = data.nNonMagiSyncCards, non_synced_members = data.nNonMagiSyncedMembers )
def __enter__(self): return self def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb): self.close()