Source code for canlib.kvlclib.writerformat

import ctypes as ct

from .. import deprecation
from .enums import FileFormat
from .properties import _PROPERTY_TYPE
from .wrapper import dll

[docs]def writer_formats(): """Return a generator of all writer formats. You may list available Writers using:: >>> from canlib import kvlclib >>> for format in kvlclib.writer_formats(): ... print(format) CSV (.csv): Writer, CAN frames in CSV format CSV_SIGNAL (.csv): Writer, Selected signals in CSV format XCP (.csv): Writer, CCP/XCP calibration in CSV format MATLAB (.mat): Writer, Selected signals in Matlab format for ATI Vision KME24 (.kme): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.4) - used for Vector CANalyzer KME25 (.kme25): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 2.5) KME40 (.kme40): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 4.0) KME50 (.kme50): Writer, Kvaser binary format (KME 5.0) PLAIN_ASC (.txt): Writer, CAN frames in plain text format ... .. versionadded:: 1.7 """ id_ = ct.c_int() dll.kvlcGetFirstWriterFormat(ct.byref(id_)) while id_.value != FileFormat.INVALID: yield WriterFormat(FileFormat(id_.value)) previous_id = id_.value dll.kvlcGetNextWriterFormat(previous_id, ct.byref(id_))
[docs]class WriterFormat: """Helper class that encapsulates a Writer. You may use `writer_formats()` to list available Writers. .. versionchanged:: 1.19 Updated formating in `__str__`. """
[docs] @classmethod @deprecation.deprecated.favour("kvlclib.writer_formats") def getFirstWriterFormat(cls): """Get the first supported output format.""" id_ = ct.c_int() dll.kvlcGetFirstWriterFormat(ct.byref(id_)) return FileFormat(id_.value)
[docs] @classmethod @deprecation.deprecated.favour("kvlclib.writer_formats") def getNextWriterFormat(cls, previous_id): """Get the next supported output format.""" id_ = ct.c_int() dll.kvlcGetNextWriterFormat(previous_id, ct.byref(id_)) return FileFormat(id_.value)
def __init__(self, id_): self.id_ = id_ = "Unknown name" self.extension = "Unknown extension" self.description = "Unknown description" text = ct.create_string_buffer(256) text_len = ct.c_int(ct.sizeof(text)) dll.kvlcGetWriterName(self.id_, text, text_len) = text.value.decode('utf-8') text_len = ct.c_int(ct.sizeof(text)) dll.kvlcGetWriterExtension(self.id_, text, text_len) self.extension = text.value.decode('utf-8') text_len = ct.c_int(ct.sizeof(text)) dll.kvlcGetWriterDescription(self.id_, text, text_len) self.description = text.value.decode('utf-8') def __repr__(self): text = f"WriterFormat({self.id_!r})" return text def __str__(self): text = f"{} (.{self.extension}): Writer, {self.description}" return text
[docs] def isPropertySupported(self, wr_property): """Check if specified write property is supported. Retuns True if the property is supported by output format. Args: wr_property (`Property`): Writer property Returns: `bool` """ supported = ct.c_int() # Backward compatibility with deprecated kvlclib.PROPERTY_XXX if isinstance(wr_property, dict): wr_property = wr_property['value'] dll.kvlcIsPropertySupported(self.id_, wr_property, ct.byref(supported)) return bool(supported.value)
[docs] def getPropertyDefault(self, wr_property): """Get default value for property.""" if wr_property is None: buf = ct.c_bool() else: # Backward compatibility with deprecated kvlclib.PROPERTY_XXX if isinstance(wr_property, dict): buf = wr_property['type'] wr_property = wr_property['value'] else: if _PROPERTY_TYPE[wr_property] is None: return None buf = _PROPERTY_TYPE[wr_property]() dll.kvlcGetWriterPropertyDefault(self.id_, wr_property, ct.byref(buf), ct.sizeof(buf)) return buf.value