Source code for canlib.kvadblib.wrapper

"""Wrapper for Kvaser Database API (kvaDbLib)."""

import ctypes as ct

from canlib import dllLoader

from .dll import KvaDbDll
from .enums import ProtocolProperties
from .exceptions import KvdBufferTooSmall

# qqqmac replace with global version class
class kvadbVersion:
    Class that holds kvadblib version number.


    def __init__(self, major, minor, build):
        self.major = major
        self.minor = minor = build

    def __str__(self):
        Presents the version number as ''.
        return f"{self.major}.{self.minor}.{}"

[docs]def bytes_to_dlc(num_bytes, protocol): """Convert number of bytes to DLC for given protocol.""" dlc = ct.c_uint() dll.kvaDbBytesToMsgDlc(protocol, num_bytes, ct.byref(dlc)) return dlc.value
[docs]def dlc_to_bytes(dlc, protocol): """Convert DLC to number of bytes for given protocol.""" num_bytes = ct.c_uint() dll.kvaDbMsgDlcToBytes(protocol, dlc, ct.byref(num_bytes)) return num_bytes.value
[docs]def get_protocol_properties(prot): """Get the signal protocol_properties.""" p = ProtocolProperties() dll.kvaDbGetProtocolProperties(prot, ct.byref(p)) return p
[docs]def dllversion(): """Get the kvaDbLib DLL version number as a `VersionNumber`""" c_major = ct.c_int() c_minor = ct.c_int() c_build = ct.c_int() dll.kvaDbGetVersion(ct.byref(c_major), ct.byref(c_minor), ct.byref(c_build)) return kvadbVersion(major=c_major.value, minor=c_minor.value, build=c_build.value)
[docs]def get_last_parse_error(): """ Can be used to get the specific reason why `KvdDbFileParse` was raised. Returns: `str`: Error message from the parser. .. versionadded:: 1.10 """ buflen_pre = 512 buflen = ct.pointer(ct.c_uint(buflen_pre)) msg = ct.create_string_buffer(buflen.contents.value) try: dll.kvaDbGetLastParseError(msg, buflen) except KvdBufferTooSmall: msg = ct.create_string_buffer(buflen.contents.value) dll.kvaDbGetLastParseError(msg, buflen) return msg.value.decode("utf-8")
_ct_dll = dllLoader.load_dll(win_name='kvaDbLib.dll', linux_name='') dll = KvaDbDll(_ct_dll)