Source code for canlib.kvadblib.bound_message

from .bound_signal import BoundSignal

[docs]class BoundMessage(object): """A CAN data object that manipulates data through signals.""" def __init__(self, message, frame): """Create an object representing a message bound to a frame Args: message (:obj:`kvadblib.Message`): The message to be bound frame (:obj:`Frame`): The frame containing CAN data """ self._message = message self._frame = frame @property def _data(self): return @_data.setter def _data(self, val): = val def __getattr__(self, attr): signal = BoundSignal( signal=self._message.get_signal(name=attr), frame=self._frame, ) return signal def __iter__(self): for signal in self._message: yield BoundSignal( signal=signal, frame=self._frame, ) def __str__(self): msg_name = None if self._message is not None: msg_name = return "Frame: message_name:{}, data:{}".format(msg_name, self._data)